Nero Burning ROM & Nero Express 2023 [Full] ตัวแบบพกพา

Download Nero Burning ROM & Nero Express 2023, unzip the file and use it. Latest version 130 MB |

Nero Burning ROM & Nero Express

Nero Burning Rom is a powerful CD/DVD burning program. It has features that make it easy to burn CD/DVDs, whether it’s carrying information or songs that we like, and so on. It is recorded on CD/DVD discs, which is convenient for storing data in CD-R or CD-RW format.

Using the Nero Burning Rom program, there is a system that prevents the disc from spoiling with the technology called “Burn-Proof” or commonly known as “burn-proof”. “Buffer Underrun Protection”, which allows us to write the disc completely. for us to use as needed The Aopen drive is called JustLink, which is an underrun buffer protection software. make our disc writing is smooth and uninterrupted. easily cause damage

Nero Burning ROM Features

  • Conversion of the audio CD into the different formats. It automatically organize the titles, genre, playlists and album arts for the music.
  • If the copies of the any stuff is needed on hardware. Then Nero Burning ROM 2017 Full Crack is your right choice. It makes copies of the data about which you care the most.
  • Burning of the music directly into the CD and DVD. It does not mean that it will set the music to the fire. But it helps in the making of music CD and audio tapes.
  • It helps in the creation of the reliable and secured CD and DVD. Digital Signatures can be added to the CD and DVD which shows the Copyrights of the DVD.
  • These are mare few features. It is loaded with lot of interested and helpful features.
Developers : Nero
License : Shareware
Language : Multilingual
Operating System : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
System type : x86 / x64
Size : 130 MB
File extension : rar
Update : 24/10/2017
Version :
Installation method : None
Status : Tested
Upload by : Admin-aXeload Extract
Code : ax
Password : ax


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